Artillery types

Ukraine now needs artillery, air defense systems and especially MLRS

The best help to Ukraine from international partners now is the supply of necessary weapons, because other kinds of help will be meaningless without success at the front.

“The best help to Ukraine today is weapons. We greatly appreciate all that is provided to Ukraine – macro-financial assistance, humanitarian aid, mine clearance assistance, reconstruction efforts This is all very important. But the basic rule now is that if there is no success at the front, then everything else is meaningless. If we want to live in a country that can rebuild itself, which can develop further, it has to be defended first and we have to win this war. So wherever I go, every conversation begins and ends with the supply of weapons”, said the Ukrainian minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba during a joint briefing with Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod in Kyiv, reports a correspondent of Ukrinform.

Kuleba noted that Ukraine has priorities regarding types of weapons.

“The three highest priorities in terms of armaments are artillery of all types and their ammunition, air defense systems and multiple rocket launcher systems.<...> That is why at each meeting I constantly remind of the very great need to obtain a greater number of artillery systems, without which no defensive or offensive operations are possible, ”said the Ukrainian Foreign Minister .

Kuleba also noted that he conducted fruitful and thorough negotiations with his Danish colleague, focusing on continued arms deliveries.

“I am grateful to Denmark, which provided from the earliest days of the war and continues to provide the necessary security assistance, both bilaterally and in the new format of the Copenhagen Conference for Defense Allies. “Northern Europe from Ukraine. Today we talked about very specific types of weapons that we hope to obtain and that we will be grateful for. In particular, we will be very grateful for a certain type of weapons, and this question is currently our priority,” stressed the head of Ukrainian diplomacy.

As the Minister noted, when a country provides arms to Ukraine, “it is not an act of charity, it is an act of investment” in its own security, so that “we, here in Ukraine, may we stop the Russian invasion and protect Europe from Putin’s aggression.”

In this context, Kuleba noted that the aggression unfolds in different ways: through tanks and missiles in Ukraine and through the energy crisis, inflation and the spread of Russian propaganda in Europe.

As reported, the Danish Foreign Minister arrived in Kyiv on Thursday, September 1.