Artillery vehicle

Ukraine now produces its own artillery shells

Ukroboron reported that it produced Soviet caliber ammunition.

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“These armaments have been successfully tested and are being manufactured using NATO technology,” the post read.

According to the message, the production lines have been operating for several months now and are spread over several sites, both in Ukraine and in its partner countries.

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“Ammunition manufactured by Ukroboronprom will reduce the dependence of Ukrainian artillery on supplies from abroad, as the global supply of Soviet-era shells gradually dwindles,” the company added.

Additionally, the company said it plans to develop and manufacture heavy weapons systems and military equipment jointly with six NATO members, including Poland, France, Denmark and the Czech Republic.

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“We are establishing joint defense enterprises, constructing closed-loop ammunition production lines, manufacturing armored vehicles and rocket artillery systems, and jointly developing new advanced weapon systems,” the message said.

On November 9, Ukraine and the Czech Republic announced an agreement to establish a common defense industrial cluster.

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