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Ukraine War Update Day 106: Is Ukraine Losing Artillery War To Russia?

Ukraine War Update: On Day 106 of the Russian invasion of Ukrainefighting in the Donbass continues as both sides try to thwart the opposition’s plans.

All about Severodonetsk

Fighting in and around the strategic Ukrainian city continues unabated. Russian forces have recovered considerable swathes of city blocks after suffering some setbacks earlier in the week when Ukrainian troops counterattacked.

In its Daily War Estimate, the UK Ministry of Defense focused on the fighting taking place in and around Severodonetsk.

“Fighting continues in the Sieverodonetsk pocket but, in the past 48 hours, Russia’s Eastern Group of Forces (EGF) has also likely intensified its efforts to advance south of Izium,” the British said. MilitaryIntelligence. rated.

Further northwest, the Russian advance around Izium stalled as the Ukrainian army played an excellent defense. If the Russian forces manage to break through, they will risk the complete encirclement of Severodonetsk from the rear.

“Russia’s progress on the Izium axis had stalled since April, after Ukrainian forces made good use of the terrain to slow Russia’s advance. Russia has probably tried to reconstitute the EGF after suffering very heavy losses during the failed advance on Kyiv, but its units are likely to remain understaffed,” the UK MoD added.

“Russia is likely looking to regain momentum in this area in order to put additional pressure on Sieverodonetsk and give it the opportunity to advance deeper into Donetsk Oblast,” British military intelligence said.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense claims that on Wednesday Ukrainian forces killed an estimated 31,700 Russian troops (and wounded about three times that number), destroyed 212 combat, attack and transport aircraft, 178 attack and transport helicopters, 1,398 tanks, 711 artillery pieces, 3,438 armored personnel carriers , 213 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS)13 boats and cutters, 2,421 vehicles and fuel tanks, 96 anti-aircraft batteries, 562 tactical unmanned aerial systems, 53 special equipment platforms, such as bridging vehicles, and four mobile Iskander ballistic missile systems, and 125 cruise missiles shot down by the Ukrainian Air Defenses.

The Ukrainian War: A Battle of Artillery (and Training)

One of the major problems of the Ukrainian army is facing at the moment is a serious drawback in long-range shooting capabilities. Despite large Western deliveries of artillery pieces and multiple rocket launch systems (MLRS) to the Ukrainian army, on the front lines Russian forces still outnumber Ukrainian troops, sometimes even by 20 to 1 in artillery and 40 to 1 in ammunition.

One reason for this is that the weapons systems that the US military and NATO send to their Ukrainian counterparts require training to be used effectively. Why had the Ukrainian forces not faced this problem until now? Some weapon systems, such as the FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile, the FIM-92 Stinger anti-aircraft weapon, or the next-generation light anti-tank missile (NLAW), are easier to use than others.

To close this capacity gap, the US Army tries to devise a training regimen that will get Ukrainian troops up to speed quickly and efficiently.

“We have to start this thing with a rational, deliberate program and train them to a level where they become effective. There will be no point in simply throwing this weapon system into battle. You have to be trained on it to get the most out of effectively using the weapon as a precision system,” Army Gen. Mark A. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters on Wednesday. joint major.

Meanwhile, deliveries of long-range fire systems continue. This week, Norway announced that it would send 22 M109 Paladin 155mm self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine.

“A total of 150 artillery platforms of 155 mm caliber are already in Ukraine. AHS Krabs from Poland joined M777, FH70, CAESAR, M109A3. Thus, we already have 5 types of NATO-type artillery, which play a decisive role. We received about 250 armored vehicles: M113 TM, M113 YPR-765, Bushmaster, Mastiff, Husky, Wolfhound. And Western partners have provided us with thousands of MANPADS (Stinger, Starstreak, Mistral, Piorun, Grom), ATGMs (NLAW, Javelin, Milan) and grenade launchers,” Ukrainian Ministry of Defense declared.

But to be more effective, the Ukrainian military requires more and varied multiple rocket launcher systems, a complete replacement of its Soviet-era calibers to ensure interoperability with the weapons systems of the NATO she received, “hundreds of heavy armored vehicles.” fighter planes and anti-aircraft systems.

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