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Ukrainian army bombards Russian troops with artillery attack in Chernihiv; Watch

As Ukraine enters the sixth week of a fierce battle to preserve its sovereignty, the former Soviet state has stepped up its attack on invading Russian troops. Building on its success in keeping the Russian infantry out of kyiv, the Ukrainian army now targets and destroys Russian regiments one after another.

In retaliation for Russia’s ruthless aggression in the East, Ukrainian troops slaughtered Moscow’s soldiers by shooting at them. In the latest video viewed by Republic TV from Chernihiv, a group of Russian soldiers could have been seen being shot at with a projectile missile fired by a type of Ukrainian army artillery tank or weapon. The video ends with the deafening sound of the explosion as a huge fire engulfs the Russian troops. This is notably the first video of its kind where the Ukrainian army can be seen confronting Russian forces at close range. The video speaks volumes about Ukraine’s growing confidence in Putin’s forces.

“Russia puts the blame on us”: Ukrainian President Zelenskyy

The development comes at a time when Ukrainian President Zelenskyy has accused Russia of playing a blame game over the all-out war being waged in the former Soviet nation. Addressing the nation in a late-night video address, Zelenskyy said on Sunday the country was doing everything it could to win the war. He further added that the Russian leadership “lost touch with reality” by acting as aggressors, but continued to blame Ukraine.

“They have destroyed millions of lives,” besieged Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy said in his speech, highlighting the consequences of the Russian withdrawal from the town of Bucha, on the outskirts of kyiv. “They started a full-scale war and acted like we were responsible for it,” he added.

Russia destroys more than 86 Ukrainian military facilities

Meanwhile, the Russian Federation previously revealed that it wiped out more than 2,037 tanks, 127 aircraft, 229 rocket launchers and other defense equipment in Ukraine. Until Sunday, the Russian armed forces managed to demolish 86 military installations of the Ukrainian army. Among the 86 centers, four command posts and communication centers; three logistics warehouses and 41 strong points and areas of concentration of Ukrainian military equipment were targeted, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Further strengthening their attack on the fighting Ukrainian army, Russian air defense systems shot down three Ukrainian drones (unmanned aerial vehicles). “Russian air defense systems shot down three Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles in the air: two in the areas of Mariupol and Kalininskoe settlements, and another, ‘Bayraktar TB-2’ – in the area of ​​Sakhnovshchina settlement, Kharkiv region,” the Kremlin statement said.

Despite the withdrawal of its forces from kyiv and cities in northern Ukraine, Russian armed forces continue to shell cities in the east and south of the war-torn nation.

Image: AP