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Ukrainian army fires artillery at Russian units trying to gain a foothold in the Kreminna – AFU Eastern Group

The Ukrainian army is firing artillery at Russian units trying to gain a foothold in the Kreminna after leaving Lyman, said Serhiy Cherevaty, spokesman for the Eastern Group of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“Some of them [Russian soldiers] were physically destroyed, some were taken prisoner, and some were able to leave in certain columns or small groups. Now some of them are trying to defend in Kreminna. As a result, our units continue to work there [because their remnants are in the forests] to stabilize the situation, capture the remains of the invaders and demine. The territory is heavily mined, there are many mines of different types, tripwires, the so-called ‘petals’ [antipersonnel mines] … Moreover, our units have already taken the village of Torske on the road to Kreminna and are hitting enemy units with artillery fire, which are trying to gain a foothold in Kreminna and build a defense,” Cherevaty said on the airwaves of the national telethon on Sunday.

According to the speaker, after defeating Kreminna, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will reach Svatovo, Rubizhne, then they will be able to disoccupy the Lugansk region.

“And behind them are Severodonetsk and Lysychansk, which they [the Russians] boasted so much in the summer that they took it with incredible power. Thanks to the insane steel will of our defenders, they then managed to wear down the enemy and plan the retreat from Lysychansk, as well as build a competent defense, respectively, in order to prepare for a counteroffensive » , Cherevaty said.