Artillery vehicle

Ukrainian forces will be trained by the Pentagon in the use of howitzer artillery systems

A senior US defense official said the US Department of Defense will teach Ukrainian troops how to handle howitzer artillery weapons that have been supplied to Ukraine.

According to Ukrinform, this is according to The Hill.

“In the coming days,” US forces will train the Ukrainian army on howitzers outside Ukraine. According to the article, the troops will then return to Ukraine to spread the information and teach their fellow soldiers.

The official told reporters: “We believe we will be able to start this training in the next few days.”

The courses will most likely be taught by US forces stationed on NATO’s eastern border, primarily in Poland and Romania.

Additional training sessions for other weapons could be included in the current military aid, according to the official.

The United States has already trained a number of Ukrainian soldiers in the use of switchblade drones, which can strike personnel and vehicles. These troops had previously traveled to the United States for military training and returned to their home countries earlier this month.

As previously reported by Ukrinform, Ukraine received the majority of the new $800 million package’s armaments, including artillery systems, ammunition and armored personnel carriers.