Artillery vehicle

Ukrainian missile and artillery units carry out 426 fire missions in the south

The situation in the operational zone in the southern direction of Buh is constantly tense but controlled by the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

The Southern Operational Command said so in a Facebook post, Ukrinform reports.

“The enemy conducts defensive operations to try to hold the occupied positions. During the day of combat, the enemy inflicted fire damage with missiles, aircraft, MLRS, cannon artillery, mortars and tanks along the line of contact. The enemy mined the area in the areas of likely advancement of our troops,” the report said.

Ukrainian air force launched 13 strikes on enemy positions, in particular on the deployment of the air defense system in the Beryslav and Kakhovka districts and in the manpower and equipment areas of the enemy – in Mykolaiv and Bashtanka districts.

Missile and artillery units carried out 426 fire missions over the past day.

Confirmed enemy losses include 14 rashists, 3 self-propelled artillery systems, one Msta-B howitzer, one electronic warfare system.

In addition, eight units of enemy equipment were damaged, including two self-propelled guns and a 122 caliber howitzer, a tank and an armored vehicle.