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Ukrainian troops found using Pakistani-made artillery

In a development that may surprise many, the Ukrainian army’s growing need for ammunition amid the war with Russia is now being met with help from Pakistan. Ukrainian gunners were spotted using 122mm HE artillery rounds made by Pakistani Ordnance Factories (POF), according to a series of posts circulating on Twitter.

“Ukraine: Ukrainian Army’s massive artillery needs are being met by some unorthodox sources – Ukrainian gunners have been spotted using 122mm HE artillery projectiles manufactured by Pakistani Ordnance Factories (POF)” , tweeted Ukraine Weapons Tracker. This tracker, which posted a thread of tweets, claims to demystify and track the use of defense equipment in Ukraine. Although unverified, this handful is followed by several prominent defense experts.

“We can identify these projectiles through a few key aspects, although the marking differs from what has been seen before: first, distinct British-sourced casings widely used by POFs, then unique LIU-4 fuzes. to the Pakistani 122mm,” the tracker said. said in another tweet. The tracker further claimed that these projectiles were made only a few months ago. “These projectiles were only manufactured a few months ago – most likely explicitly for export to Ukraine due to factors we won’t detail here. Yet another demonstration of how Western partners obtain the most no longer necessary for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.”

The report on arms deliveries to Ukraine comes in the context of Pakistan’s attempt to get closer to Russia. Earlier this year, former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan came under heavy criticism at home and abroad for an untimely visit to Moscow. Hoping to strengthen bilateral ties with Russia, Imran landed in Moscow in February just as President Vladimir Putin ordered the “special military operation” in Ukraine.

Experts believe that this latest report of the presence of Pakistani-made weapons in Ukraine does not bode well for Russia, and that it will be forced to rethink its ties with Islamabad. (ANI)

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