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Video shows Ukrainian artillery strikes shooting down tanks near Kiev

Video released Thursday by the Ukrainian military shows artillery strikes on what officials said was a line of Russian military vehicles not far from Kiev.

The aerial footage appears to have been recorded remotely by a drone. It shows at least eight strikes on vehicles on a rural road identified by Ukraine’s Defense Ministry as outside the town of Borodyanka.

The video, dated Tuesday, was posted on Facebook and Twitter on Thursday to channels run by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The sequence ends when a burst of fire on the central vehicle in a line of three tanks or other self-propelled artillery pieces. Then the other two seem to be removed. Other strikes follow.

Insider used geolocation to identify the likely location of strikes. Satellite imagery showed a distinctive road formation and gas station that matched aerial imagery.

Lt. Gen. Valerii Zaluzhnyi, commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army, described the operation as “delicate”, according to the Ministry of Defense.

This is a distinction that Ukrainian forces might want to emphasize in the face of bombardments by Russian forces that have hit residential buildings, schools and hospitals.

This includes Borodyanka, which is about 45 miles from central Kiev and has been the scene of some of the fiercest fighting around the capital.

An assessment of the Pentagon Russian advances on Kiev from Tuesday said there remained a significant column of Russian forces in the area.

“Near Kiev, we still observe that Russian forces have not moved closer to the city center,” a Defense Ministry official said. “The closest they could get is the airport.”

In briefings Tuesday and Wednesdaya Pentagon official said about 90-95% of Russian combat power remains intact, despite fierce Ukrainian resistance and extensive video and photo evidence of destroyed Russian forces.