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World Of Tanks is getting a massive artillery gameplay update


Wargaming has revealed the next update added to tank world as players will see a massive update to artillery gameplay. While this isn’t the biggest update the game has ever seen, The 1.13 update is basically a major overhaul to the core mechanics that will change the way you play. Some of these changes will be applied to areas such as HE shells and SPG (self-propelled gun) countermeasures. They also added a brand new mode, the Season 5 Battle Pass, and interface improvements. We’ve got the full developer recap below along with two detailed trailers.

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The biggest change players will notice is the new abilities theyhave to fight off these vehicles that are raining shells from the sky. Self-propelled guns have changed a lot since their creation in tank worldand it became clear that more artillery countermeasures were needed to level the playing field somewhat. With the latest update, tankers will now have 3 tactical features at their disposal: sound detection is a new commander-only perk that will warn those in the danger zone that an artillery shell is coming via a special indicator, brighter shell tracers will allow players to better gauge where a self-propelled gun has fired from and the firing marker field will let tankers know where a self-propelled gun has recently fired (this marker will appear on the minimap for 10 seconds).

However, self-propelled guns are also no shortage of fun. Artillery now has three shell types available, each with its own combat purpose, trajectory, and velocity, providing a greater variety of tactical opportunities for arty players. Two of these shell types will not stun vehicles, significantly reducing the overall stun time seen in combat. Additionally, the SPG Ammo UI has been updated and the Intuition perk has been reworked, meaning faster shell changes for all vehicle types.

Update 1.13 also sees the introduction of reworked HE (high explosive) shell mechanics on the main server. Now, HE shells will deal damage at the point of impact, meaning damage will be calculated at the point of contact with armor, unlike what was previously based on a shell burst sphere. Those who play with heavily armored vehicles will certainly appreciate this change, as HE shells will now deal less damage to their frontal armor. In addition, they will now also be able to penetrate the screens, rails and wheels of wheeled vehicles as well as insignificant and/or destructible objects, such as fences for example.

And there’s even more to come with the 1.13 update. A brand new game mode, Recon Mission, will allow tankers to test out maps that are in late stages of development, a collection of premium vehicles and Clan Wars reward tanks are being rebalanced (as well as the Minsk map ), Battle Pass Season 5 is ready to challenge players and a selection of interface improvements have been introduced.

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